In Earnest

Sunday marked 6 months to my half marathon. I’ve had 2 runs since then. Though they have been very, very different, I can say I have started in earnest.

On Sunday, recovering from Saturday night, I hit the treadmill at the gym. I knew going into it that I wasn’t going to rock a casual 5km, or really do anything to ‘do the miles’. I was there to be there. To show up. To do what I’ve committed to. And I did that. With some run/walk intervals.

Today, though, was meant to be different.

The weather was clear, and I had a couple of hours until I needed to log on for work. Time was not an issue. Rain wasn’t going to hold me back. And – most importantly – I got up when the alarm went off.

There is a lot to love about getting up before everyone else. I love my bed more. But I don’t hate being up that early.

I walked for 15 min to get warmed up, but mostly to get to the big, wide (flat-ish) Blackheath – my favourite place for a no-pressure run around in South East London.

Once I got there, the running (read: run-walk, don’t worry, I’ll tell you when that’s no longer a thing) went easily. Until it didn’t.

I learned a lot this morning.

Lesson one: I need trousers that actually fit. I have so many leggings, but they were all pre-lockdown purchases. I need to be realistic and look after the body I have now. This body was a squished sausage with a wriggly belly dancing about as my waistband rolled down until it meet the savage resistance of The Hips.

Lesson two: what you eat the night before matters. We all know that our body needs to be appropriately fueled. I know I do well on an empty stomach, so I didn’t eat anything this morning. But last night’s pizza made itself known. So much so that I had to stop running half way through and power-walked myself right back home (at a not-much-slower-pace, sadly).

Lesson three: never trust the weather forecast. Actually, I already knew this, but I need to be reminded every once and a while. If I’m going to be training over the winter – which I know I will – I’m going to need some wet-weather running gear. I was warm enough while I was running, but when I had to switch to my power-walking, it started raining just a little and I really felt the chill. Really, preparing for rain in London heading into November is just common sense.

Taken with a grain of salt from now on…

So, yeah, this is probably going to get expensive.

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