Week One – Progress

What a week. Even with hiccups, it’s gone pretty well. I’ve been out for 4 runs; all varying levels of success.

It’s not about the numbers, but I’m keen to track my progress somewhere so I can look back at where I started, what changed, and (hopefully) just how much I’ve improved. Weekly summaries feel right.

It is, after all, a (half) marathon and not a sprint. Sorry, not sorry.

The Stats:

Sun 25 Oct 2020AMTreadmill2.2km9’47” pace
Tues 27 Oct 2020AMOutdoor2.7km8’22” pace
Thu 29 Oct 2020PMOutdoor3.3km8’48” pace
Sat 31 Oct 2020AMOutdoor5.1km7’23” pace
Total distance13.3km
All runs in the week were interval run / walks. No specific training plan followed.

Heart health –

  • Resting heart rate – 70 bpm (started at 71 bpm on Sun 25 Oct)
  • Fitbit ‘cardio fitness’ rating – 32 point something (average)


There are a few things that haven’t been measured for me, so while they may not be wildly accurate, I think they’re still important to recognise and note.

  • Nutrition – I haven’t really done anything differently this week. I’ve limited my alcohol intake, but no food has been off limits. Based on Tuesday’s run, this is gonna need to change, but I’m only prepared to shock my body so much…
  • Weather – I’ve been lucky that the weather hasn’t really prevented me from getting out (though, it has made it harder to get out of bed…). As we head into November, I don’t expect the weather to cooperate much longer, so I’ve ordered more water-resistant clothing and a second pair of runners – heading off the excuses now while I’m still motivated!
  • TIme of day – this week was a mix of fasted morning runs and evening runs straight after work. I’m not sure which I prefer just yet, so I’m going to keep mixing it up. But I definitely do prepare running outdoors to inside on the treadmill.
  • Music – I’ve been plodding along to a random rock workout playlist on Spotify, then cooling down with an audiobook on the walk home. I do not recommend listening to ‘Know my Name’ by Chanel Miller when walking home in the dark (however, I do recommend it literally any other time of day, because it’s powerful and an important perspective to hear. Get uncomfortable.)

So yeah, it’s been… a week.
Here’s to the next one!

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